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Whip up pastry fun at home...

...with our vegan & gluten-free baking mixes & kits!

What's inside each Baking Kit?


Our All-Natural Handmade Baking Mixes

*pure, premium vegan ingredients

*organic raw sugars & gf flours

*no preservatives/additives/chemicals


Natural Decorations & Baking Tools to Keep

*pastry tools to use & cherish

*fun & fetching decorations like dye-free sprinkles, organic fondant, vegan chocolate, edible flowers, & more...


Recipe Card & Instructions

*step-by-step guides

*perfect for all ages

*a foolproof box of baking fun!

We are proud to use local & natural ingredients!

See what our customers say...

I'm not an ambitious chef or baker, so let's talk for a minute about how I made miniature pear and apple tarts with shortbread crust and organic chocolate drizzled apple chips with my toddler!! All thanks to an incredible baking box from PastryBase! The instructions are crystal clear, the box is filled with pre-measured organic ingredients, and each detail is designed for little helpers!!

Christina Peterson

PastryBase helped surprise our daughter for her 20th birthday with the Pastry Base cupcake kit sent
all the way from VA to CA. Our daughter and her roomies enjoyed baking the treats and decorating them but mostly eating them, pronouncing them as delicious.

Mardi Folks

I am extremely satisfied with this product! My friend and her son love the special treats I make that she feels are wholesome enough to feed her baby. I love being able to make something myself that turns out so beautiful. I love the little notes you put in my box...Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

Serena Burgdorf

Warm apple pear tarts with my Pastry Base baking kit!! We only needed butter and splash of milk!!! So easy!!

Catherine Wilson

We made the cupcakes from the mix we got from you. They are yummy.

Crystal Strom

Didn't have time at Christmas to make these yummy cookies from PastryBase, so George and I made them today. Great fun on a snow day. Thank you, PastryBase!

Susan Okaty

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