Berry Peach Cobbler & Vegan Nut-Butter

Berry Peach Cobbler & Vegan Nut-Butter "Truffles!" Free Shipping!

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It's not summer without a tart & sweet berry cobbler!  This month, get everything you need to have individual mini-cobblers in the oven in a "Kids' Corner" Project to make Vegan Nut-Butter "Truffles," which can also be made nut-free!

Baking Box Includes:

  • All-Natural PastryBase Crumbly Cobbler Mix (vegan!)
  • 6 Reusable safe-silicone mini-loaf pans
  • Natural dried blueberries, cherries, cranberries & currents
  • Organic Peach Jam
  • Kids' Corner Project:  Organic cinnamon wheat cereal & natural oats mix, plus Nature's Colors Sprinkles & Decorating Sparkle Sugar, colored with vegetables 
  • Detailed instructions & tutorials

Just add butter or vegan butter! For Kids' Corner, add nut-butter (peanut butter, almond butter, etc.) or cookie butter of choice! 

Equipment Needed:  Sheet pan

Yield:  6 mini cobblers & about 12 Nut-Butter "Truffles!"