Reusable Cupcake Bouquet Kit

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Cupcake Bouquets are all the rage!  Create one in seconds with PastryBase's Exclusive Cupcake Bouquet Kit, then use it over and over again!  No fiddling with toothpicks, cups, or Styrofoam balls!

Our friends at Purple Cupcakes in the UK have one of the largest supplies of unique cake and cupcake tools on the market, and we're honored to get the privilege of offering their proprietary "invisiTray" here in the US!

Kit Includes:

  • decorative basket with bow
  • exclusive invisiTray dome shaped plastic cupcake holder

Holds 7 cupcakes.  Bonus!!  Also includes 7 Brown Tulip Cupcake Liners for use with one of your bouquets!!