Chocolate Silk

Chocolate Silk "Meringue" Pie Baking Box! Plus 2 Bonus Desserts! Free Shipping!

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It will be a Happy New Year with this box, which makes 3 different desserts!  All you need to create a Chocolate Silk "Meringue" Pie, Chocolate Hummus, & crunchy Vanilla Bean "Meringue" Cookies!  Best of all, you can prepare all 3 VEGAN if you choose!!


  • PastryBase All-Natural Vegan Pie Crust Mix (vegan)
  • PastryBase All-Natural Chocolate Silk Pie Filling Mix (vegan)
  • PastryBase "Meringue" Mix (vegan)
  • All-Natural Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (vegan)
  • 9" Steel Pie Pan
  • Organic Chick Peas (the brine, AKA "Aquafaba," makes the "Meringue," & the Chick Peas are used to make the Chocolate Hummus!)
  • PastryBase Chocolate Hummus Mix
  • Pastry Piping Bag for piping cookies
  • Parchment Papers for lining pan when baking cookies
  • "Kids' Corner" project: "Chocolate Hummus!" AND crunchy Vanilla Bean "Meringue" Cookies! 
  • Detailed Instructions, pictures, & online tutorials
Just add butter, egg & milk!  Or to prepare VEGAN, add vegan shortening & vegan milk of choice!

Equipment Needed:  Cookie Sheet Pan & Electric Mixer

Yield: Large 9" Pie, Big Bowl of Chocolate Hummus, Lots of Crunchy Meringue Cookies!